The Hunger Games Tag Part 1

My first blog post of 2015!! (Happy New Year, by the way.) A Hunger Games Tag. I actually got this one off Google+ as a 30 Day Challenge, but since I’m never going to have the commitment to do it once a day for 30 days, I decided I would do it on here in two with 15 questions each. Enjoy, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

There are spoilers by the way, please don’t read until you’ve read it.

1. Favourite character?
Katniss is honestly one of the strongest and most relatable characters in modern fiction. Her, hands down.

2. Least favourite character?
President Snow, probably because he’s a tyrannical, sadistic dictator who smells like blood. That’s enough to be in my least favourite character list.

3. A character you hate that everyone loves
Oh no, don’t kill me entire Hunger Games fandom! Probably Prim, and I know she’s only twelve, and I also love Willow Shields, but I just feel like she’s such a burden to Katniss and everyone, and such a damsel in distress. Example: going back into a bomb area for the cat. Please, that was one of the stupidest decisionsĀ in the series.

4. A character you love that everyone hates
Well I wouldn’t say that I love her but I don’t hate her either: Coin. I think she was made out to be an antagonist a bit more than necessary. I mean, Snow was an evil sadistic tyrant. Coin was kind of just your every day backstabbing politician, other than the indirectly killing Prim thing hopefully.

5. Favourite battle scene
Cato vs. Peeta and Katniss at the end of the first book.

6. Favourite funny scene
I don’t think it’s really meant to be a funny one but in Catching Fire when Johanna was in the elevator with Haymitch, Katniss and Peeta. Especially in the movie.

7. Scene when you cried
FINNICK. DIED. If you did not cry I don’t know who you think you are?

8. Which character are you most similar to
I’d like to think I have the sass, straightforwardness and probably bluntness, of Johanna.

9. Favourite quote
Not the deepest, but “Stupid people are dangerous” from Katniss. Probably the truest thing she said.

10. Peeta or Gale
Peeta, and I know people say he is a damsel in distress, but it’s better than Gale who just left and was really a total jerk in Mockingjay. Peeta was always there for her. But I’m really Team Katniss.

11. What do you hate about the series most?
That it ended.

12. Who do you wish hadn’t died the most?
FINNICK. I can live with Prim, not FINNICK.

13. Who do you wish had died?
Gale. Only because I can’t think of anyone else.

14. Favourite tribute other than Peeta and Katniss?
Finnick or Johanna, I can’t choose one.

15. Least favourite tribute?
Um. Probably Marvel, just because he caused the first major death in the series (Rue) and I just remember hating him so much.

That’s it for the first half! I’ll post more tomorrow. Feel free to completely the tag in the comments!

Jess, proudly bookworm.

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