SBChallenge: Aussie Scientist – Fred Hollows

Another challenge for the Student Blogging Challenge was to research and write a post on a famous scientist from your country. I am from Australia, and chose Fred Hollows.

Fred Hollows was an ophthalmologist known for his extraordinary work that helped in restoring eyesight of thousands of people. One of his chief beliefs was that no one need be blind when there is a chance of them being cured of their blindness. He worked in developing countries to restore blind people, and discovered from his travels that 2 out of 3 blind people can be cured of their blindness, if they had the funds and medical attention necessary. He is remembered with the Fred Hollows Foundation, (see hyperlink above) an organisation that follows Fred Hollows’ ideals in memory of him. He died in 1993, but Australia still remembers him.

Jess, proudly bookworm.

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  1. Miss W.
    November 1, 2012 at 10:27 am (9 years ago)

    G’day Jess,
    Another great post from you but where did you get the image from? I checked out the webpage you sent me to in the link, but still couldn’t find the image.

    Remember you need to include the link to where you got the image.

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